Accidental Damage Insurance

Insure4Retirement offers Accidental Damage cover within both our Buildings and Contents Insurance policies.

The standard Accidental Damage Cover to Buildings and Contents Insurance covers:

(Conditions Apply)


  • Accidental Damage Cover to Buildings

    Our Buildings Insurance covers you for accidental damage to items such as:

    • Fixed Glass such as; windows and patio doors and solar panels
    • Cables
    • Underground pipes
    • Drains and inspection covers
    • Bathroom fixtures and fittings
    • Fixed stair lifts in your home

    You can increase this cover to Full Accidental Damage to cover other mishaps like putting your foot through the loft ceiling or burning a kitchen work surface with a hot pan.

  • Accidental Damage Cover to Contents

    We provide accidental damage cover as standard for items such as:

    • Personal Computers
    • Television sets (and their aerials)
    • Radios
    • Audio & home entertainment equipment (DVD players and cable / satellite / digital receivers)

    Accidental breakage to:

    • Fixed glass in furniture (but not glass in pictures or clocks)
    • Glass shelves
    • Glass tops to furniture
    • Fixed glass in mirrors
    • Ceramic hobs and ceramic tops to cookers

    You can increase this to Full Accidental Damage to cover other accidents such as spilling paint on your carpet or the grandchildren breaking ornaments for example.