What is emergency home cover and what does it mean to you?


Occasionally, something will go wrong in your household – from losing your only set of keys, to a leaking pipe which causes water damage. That’s when Home Emergency Cover steps in which is there to give you peace of mind when things don’t quite go to plan. So what is it, and how can it benefit you?

What is emergency home cover

Home Emergency cover gives you 24 hour assistance within your home for emergencies which are the result of sudden and unforeseen incidents where you need immediate help to prevent damage or further damage to your home or to anyone living there.

Home Emergency

24 hour assistance within your home for emergencies associated with:

  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • the Main heating system
  • Your Domestic Power Supply
  • the Toilet Unit
  • the Cooking System
  • Home Security
  • Lost Keys
  • Pest Infestation

Some of the situations you can claim for:

  • Sudden or unexpected failure of or damage to the plumbing and drainage system which results in internal water damage includes:- Leaking pipes, blocked drains, water tanks or leaking radiators
  • Sudden, unexpected and complete failure to electricity or gas supply
  • Complete failure or breakdown of heating and/or hot water supply provided by your primary heating system
  • Sudden or unexpected failure of or damage to external locks, doors or windows which would make your home  insecure
  • Impact damage or mechanical failure of all or your only toilet bowl or cistern resulting in complete loss of function
  • Total failure of the sole permanent means of cooking
  • Loss of only available set of keys
  • Pest infestation in your home – including rats, mice, wasp nests, grey squirrels, book lice, carpet beetles, larder beetles, clothes moths, biscuit beetles, house mothers.

You must claim for a home emergency within 48 hours of becoming aware of it.

What is covered?

  • Parts
  • Labour
  • Materials
  • VAT

Some situations you cannot claim for:

  • Any leaking or dripping tap that required replacing
  • The replacement cost of your boiler if it uneconomical to repair
  • Water supply pipes that you yourself are not responsible for
  • Cost of replacement parts due to natural wear and tear
  • The cost of work carried out without the Insurer’s approval

For a full list of what you can and cannot claim for, please refer to our policy book or visit our website at www.i4r.co.uk.

With some services that are not covered, the insurer can arrange for a supplier to fix the problem at your expense, if you wish.

Protecting your home from emergencies

Your insurer will require you to make sure you are doing your utmost to avoid home emergencies; otherwise your claim may be invalid. Here are some tips on how to protect your home.

  • Maintain all of your domestic equipment by arranging regular inspections (This will ensure that everything is working effectively and to determine any need for repair early on)
  • Do not attempt to do any repairs yourself or use an un-registered contractor (You will not be covered for damage caused by faulty workmanship)
  • Inform your insurer of any works being carried out (They will not cover claims without approval first)
  • Keep your equipment as up to date as you can (If you have an old boiler system, insurers cannot provide cover costs for obsolete or unobtainable parts)


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